Project Planning

Baseline Programmes

As all project stakeholders are mainly considering baseline programmes as document of huge help , we will dive into analyses of all pre-construction activities, procurement and all activities necessary to cover the scope of work on a particular project. We are mainly using softwares Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

Tender Programmes

We can develop and analyse all tendering scenarios and work in parallel with the bidding team. We will ensure that tender programmes we prepare are taking into consideration all planning and scheduling requirements while integrating the design, procurement and construction elements.

Programme Monitoring and Project support

Continual schedule monitoring is essential to ensure project success. In parallel with progress of project, while working closely with project team, more knowledge & detail is ascertained, thus original logic should be adjusted to reflect current sequence and methodologies.

Our advice is to monitor and update the construction programme on bi-weekly basis, therefore being ensured that all changes and problems could be identified and overcome, and any risk mitigated before becoming an issue. While updating programme we will be able to foresee time to completion, what is driving project completion and what each stakeholder should focus on.

Delay Analysis

Plan1st is able to manage claims and disputes to ensure client’s objectives are achieved at all times. We could provide you with retrospective  and prospective schedule analysis, calculate and quantify disruption and loss of productivity, define additional Costs, lost profit due to the Employer’s or Contractor’s Risk events.

Based on your Contract requirements and type of issue we will chose a proper analysis method and perform a robust forensic schedule analysis which outcome will be entitlement of Extension of time for completion, associated costs and lost profit.

Cost Consultancy

We are able to timely deliver all types of Cost Plans and Estimates starting from early cost analysis in line with conceptual design and early ideas to detailed BoQ preparation matching with detailed design.

Construction supervision

Our team of licenced engineers will drive your project to successful completion, and ensure that all local standards and requirements are fulfilled. Additionally we will setup QaQc procedures to ensure all works are done according to contract specification and internationally recognized industry standards. 


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